World Saree Day 2022: December 21st Wear Sarees On This Special Day

World Saree Day is an initiative to celebrate the beauty of the saree. It is celebrated on December 21 every year.

The World Saree Day was started by Nalini Shekar in the year 2009, to help preserve this traditional dress and to make it known worldwide. As the name suggests, the day is celebrated on a global level and people are requested to wear saree. The idea behind celebrating this day is not only limited to wearing sarees but also trying out new designs which can be worn on special occasions like parties and family events. 

Saree is a traditional dress of women in India. Every region has its own style of putting on a saree that gives it a distinct identity. This is a day to celebrate the beauty of this traditional attire and its amazing versatility.

In India, it is worn by both women and men while at religious ceremonies or special occasions. The saree is an extremely versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in different styles such as draped around the body, knotted at the waist (the most common style).

The Saree is an evolving Indian garment that has come a long way from being traditional attire to a modern fashion statement. The saree has been widely popular for more than 5000 years and is a reflection of the cultural rich history, traditions and values of India.

World Saree day is a global celebration of the art of Saree. It is celebrated on 21st December. The idea of celebrating World Saree Day was shared by a group of Indian women, who understood the value of saree and its socio-economic benefits. They wanted to celebrate this art and share it with people around the world. This day was started to help educate and promote this beautiful craft form in India & around the globe.

So far, World Saree Day has had a great impact on raising awareness about the role that saris play in Indian culture. It has also encouraged people to embrace their own cultural heritage.


  1. I don't think saree day is not important day. it's just promotional day that's it.

  2. Nice concept for young ladies to attract - world saree day

  3. Last year we missed this event in my college but this year will participate saree day

  4. Let's make it colorful with beautiful sarees on this Saree day.

  5. Happy international saree day to all women's

  6. Nice concept saree day let celebrate girls!

  7. Let's celebrate saree day on every year.


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